Our Services


Waxvapour Labs is a Researh and Development Company, working on Web2 as well as Web3 Technologies, We are cosntantly working on Flagship project named iOwn.Digital, as if now we are working on Software Projects as well as Digital Presence as breifed below.


We are currently providing the following stated servics in the Web Domain -

  • Single Pager Applications
  • One Pager Websites
  • Websites
  • Function as a Service
  • Module as a Service
  • IOT C2's


We are currently providing the following stated servics in the Mobile (Android / IOS) Domain -

  • Native Mobile Applications
  • Web Mobile Applications
  • Hybrid Mobile Applications
  • UI / UX Design
  • Widget Designs
  • Platform as a Service (backend host as well as interface)

For MSME's

We are constantly developing Micro tools to help small buisnesses utilize there exitsitng setups more efficiently, one of our live proejcts working towards that goal is Project_Sanjay -

  • AD as a service
  • GA script KPI extraction tools (works with Google workspace integrations)
  • OAuth Chrome extensions (integrating Single sign on across browser without the need of knowing the password at all)
  • Custom Data Analyctics / Processing Scripts - native to the buisness
  • Cyber Security & Policy as a service
  • Custom VPN and Proxy reporting Systems
  • Got a new problem? we might have a solution for you. Mail us at vaibhav@waxvapour.com (Vaibhav Sharma | Founder & CEO).