Project_Sanjay is a Complete Work from Home Solution. It introduces an AD domain Environment served over a Cloud using a VPN connection. It also transacts the office environment over G-suit applications to set home the whole Cloud vibe.

Our Approach

Scope Calculation

The scope of Work will be defined under various parameters listed below -

Network Evaluation

For this, we will create a complete list of all existing Networking Devices including but not limited to -

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Network Connected Printers
  • HoneyPots
  • Firewalls
  • IDS & IPS
  • NVR & DVR
  • AWS or any other Cloud instances
  • EPBX, ETC.

Collateral Evaluation

All Existing IT Assets that are tangible will be considered Collateral and will need to be documented, including but not limited to -

  • All networking Hardare
  • All Laptops / Desktops
  • All Thinclients
  • All printers
  • All Peripherals and Raw Hardware components (RAM / HDD / Motherboard / ETC.)

Team size

Team Size will be calculated to determine the no of resources required on-site, this will also help us determine the most efficient strategy to put in place.

Customer requirement

Custom requirements include the Business interest to be integrated into the system, it has but is not limited to -

  • Special Requirements for any policy like - password policy / ETC.
  • Custom Funnel / Data stream creation to accompany Data Masters, ETC.
  • Custom Software utility (dependent on the scope)

Current IT infrastructure

In this step, we will understand and document the complete architecture of how systems are in place and what the hierarchy is to follow along, this step will also be critical to calculating our scope of work.

Collateral Calculation

Current Hardware Requirements

This will help us determine the current requirements of the company that required immediate attention. This will include any new computer systems, network hardware, ETC.

Current Hardware Health / Life Expectancy

Under this step we will pre-evaluate the life expectancy of the computer systems in place, this will also include checking the specifications of the system to determine whether they will not lag or hang post our system is in place.

Inventory Keeping

This will include all the details of the systems and other resources- we will tag all the devices if necessary to keep a complete and accurate inventory of all the devices.

Resource Calculation

Current Strenght

This will be the total headcount of the company, to get us a better understanding of how many resources to apply in the system, as well as deducing strategy to move forward with training and more.

Landscape Diversity (no. of Offices)

This will determine if the company will have more than 1 office space. Based on this it will be determined if we need to put the system in place one office at a time or do we need to target all of them at once. This might introduce additional costs based on how many branches the company has as well as where they are located.

Time Block Commitment by Employees

This is the measure of how much time an employee can give out of their working hours to comply with us, this will be required not only to train the resource but also to help our translation through all other changes including their workstation setup, tagging, and more.

Employee Familiarity Index

This is the measure of the Employee's familiarity with the G-suite or how comfortable they are with learning this. Based on this the employee might get multiple Training Sessions, or One-to-one sessions if necessary.

Initial Timeline Projection

Based on all the above Paramentes the Initial timeline will be projected, we will do our best to shrink this down to 90 Days as promised, but might exceed the same if the circumstances do not allow it.

Our Clients