About Us

our Vision

Waxvapour Labs is a research and development company with a primary focus on developing and innovating Software & Hardware products that make human interaction with technology more natural. We are leveraging the newfound and trending technologies to integrate solutions that work as an extension to the existing solutions that are already in place, the core goal being the enhancement of a more robust and transparent nature of such tools, we are calling it the middleware method where instead of reinventing the wheel we take something existing and enrich it with the newfound methods wherever necessary.
Apart from the middlewares we are also constantly working on scratch projects for the need of the hour, be it a web3 integrated chat platform, a blockchain-based logging system that logs without breaching user privacy, or an AR integrated Metaverse concept.
We as a company are a firm believer in peer-to-peer networks being the new norm for the future and are moving towards making web3 a reality.

More to come !